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Who we are

We are a leading edge firm of HR Business Psychologists operating who specialise in Talent Management and Leadership Assessment and Development. We work with world leading organisations to create solutions and enhance business performance by improving and developing individuals and teams.  We have extensive experience of working cross culturally and handling international leadership issues. We combine in depth knowledge and expertise with a flexible and pragmatic approach to working with our clients.

Why us?

• We are specialists in Leadership Assessment and Development – we have worked for over 20 years in the field.

• We have strong international expertise, understanding the issues and challenges facing large global organisations.

• Our background of working internally as HR Professionals and Senior Managers combined with our Business Psychology expertise means we appreciate the very real challenges facing our clients.

• We apply our practised understanding of individuals and deep knowledge of organisations to create real business improvements.

• Our approach is pragmatic, no-nonsense, challenging but supportive.  

What difference do we make?

Effective people management is one of the key challenges for all organisations.  All too often individuals are promoted into roles where they are expected to be effective leaders but struggle to do this successfully.  We focus on building and developing leadership skills. Our range of services incorporates:

• People and Talent Strategy Development  

• Assessing and Interviewing

• Managing Performance

• Coaching and Mentoring

• Building Motivated Individuals and Teams

We specialise in high performers and top talent ensuring they are appropriately developed, stretched and motivated so that their full potential is realised.   We work with individuals and teams where performance or motivation issues are blockers to success, helping to turn performance on its head. We also provide coaching, mentoring and therapeutic interventions to manage change and resolve issues.